A Plot for Posterity 

Living at The Hamlet combines the great outdoors with the best of contemporary design. Your first step is to choose your plot. You can choose from a range of lakefront and garden properties set around our picturesque lake.

Every plot has its own distinct character with regards to the lay of the land, it’s orientation and landscaping. Working closely with our in-house team of architects and design consultants, you can sculpt your plot and it’s landscape to suit your preferences.

30 Acre Lakeside Estate
Endemic Trees & Shrubs
120000 sq. ft Private Lake
25 Species of Nesting Birds
2.5 km of Walking & Biking Trails
500+ Fruit Bearing, Medicinal, and Aromatic Plants
12 Species of Grassland Butterflies
Rich Aquatic Ecosystem
Lake Amethyst

At the heart of the Hamlet lies an artificial lake, created with the sole purpose of enhancing the natural ecosystems of the property. Large quantities of crystalline amethyst clusters were found near the lake bed during its excavation, hence the name ‘Lake Amethyst’. The lake is a perennial water body, which draws its water from many natural springs. It is a self-sustaining ecosystem and is teeming with fish and other aquatic fauna. In the winter months, the lake hosts many migratory birds coming from places as far out as Northern Europe and Siberia during their southern sojourn.

Estate Map

Collaborating with ecologists and conservationists, our architects and designers have complemented the estate’s natural assets and landscape, ensuring a masterplan that is environmentally sound, functional and breathtakingly beautiful. ​


For an estate that prides itself on being in tune with the environment of the area, landscaping is serious business. Naturescaping, therefore, creates a non-intrusive and self-sustaining ecosystem that allows people and nature to coexist with landscaping. We use local vegetation adapted to the climate in the area as not only is local flora better suited and hardier than foreign imports, but also it encourages birds to nest in the branches further enhancing the ambience of the property and maintaining a healthy ecological balance.


The entire property is developed as a botanical garden and the primary landscaping is made up of over 3500 indigenous plants and trees. There are over 30 different types of flowering and non-flowering plant species growing within the property. More than 70 bird species are visitors at the Hamlet, some of which even nest here. 


It is a scientifically proven fact that living in close proximity of green landscapes is healthier for us both psychologically as well as physiologically. It is a unique pleasure to surrender your senses to lush green environs, and at the Hamlet, we encourage you to feel your home beyond the walls of your house.



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