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10 fun activities to do at lakes

Updated: Feb 26

The Hamlet Theur is blessed with a beautiful private lake. There are a bunch of activities that you can do here, have look at our top 10.

1) Swimming:

Simple sport of swimming has many benefits than merely cooling off one’s body or leisure activity. Swimming can

  • build one’s body tone and muscles,

  • workout for the whole body from head to the toes,

  • increase the heart rate with lesser stress compared to similar exercises. It works on the heart and lung capacity,

  • increase one’s strength,

  • build one’s endurance etc.

It doesn’t hurt that swimming is such a fun activity to do with your friends and family.

2) Boating

When you rent or buy a boat, you are ready to enjoy boating in the lake! Get the boat ready to be pushed in the water and simply relish the serene experience of boating in placid lake water. Invite a couple of friends and enjoy the fresh air wafting over the lake.

3) Kayaking/Canoeing

A kayak/canoe is smaller when compared to normal boats. Hence, they are cheaper to buy or rent. Using either a paddle or a motor, you will enjoy the activity.

4) Tubing/ floating

You might feel this would be a flowing water activity, but tubing at a calm lake can be an equally enjoyable activity. Just tie your tube or a float to a solid object like your boat or a dock. You may now lay down on your tube/float to forget about the world.

5) Paddleboarding

Paddleboarding is an up and coming game that is gaining popularity every day. You have to stand on a particularly thick (and some of the time inflatable) board and use a paddle to move along the shore. It's an unforgettable experience to get around on a decent, calm lake and can be a charming activity for all individuals.

6) Fishing

Fishing teaches us about the value of time, patience and peace of mind. The beauty of fishing is that you don’t need to have any knowledge about fishing to fish in a lake. Although having the know-how and a prior experience helps, but it is not a necessity. Just watch some clips on YouTube and you are set.

7) Campfire

Simply camp yourself on the shores of the lake. During the night gorge on the fresh fishes, you have caught during the day. Sit around the bonfire and sip sparkling drinks with your mates. Dance around the bonfire under a night sky full of stars.

8) Picnics

Lakeside garden/sands are a perfect place for a picnic. Just bring some food, your friends and family to have fun! You may have some good music to revel in even more.

9) Partying

Equipped with a decent loudspeaker and good food, the lake can be a great option for an all-nighter party. Lights are optional as some partygoers enjoy night sky more than the artificial lights.

10) Lakeside games

There are many games for children and adults to play at a lake. For example:

  • Holi/Rang Panchami

  • Water balloon fights

  • Skipping stones

  • Water fights

  • Water polo

  • Volleyball etc.

I hope you have made your plans for the upcoming trip. Don’t forget to wear a life jacket and clean-up after the party or a picnic.

How would you feel if you have a private lake right next to your home? In The Hamlet, Theur, we have a private lake for all your activities. You just have to make your plans, and voila! You are there at the lake. If you have any queries, you may contact us.


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