Personalised Homes

Whether set in the woodland or by water, all our homes combine sustainable contemporary design with country house luxury. Better still, your home will be shaped by your ideas. By selecting or adapting a layout from our design portfolio, or working with an architect to realise a personal vision, you will add your own individual stamp to your residence. Our architects and designers have created a series of different styles and finishes for each home giving you the opportunity to create your own unique space overlooking an expansive estate and natural playground. 

Solar Passive Design

Every home at The Hamlet follows the principles of Passive Solar Design. So that your home is not just luxurious, but also environmentally responsible. Consideration is given to the Sun’s path and it’s azimuth through the year, the flow of wind, the shading provided by foliage and the location and size of water bodies.


The materials used are carefully selected for more than just their aesthetics. The walls insulate the home from heat and moisture, the windows are designed to take in light but exclude heat. Even the fittings and fixtures are chosen for their ability to conserve energy and water.

Design & Specifications

The design of the villas achieves a unique integration of technology and tradition to create a home that makes everyday living more luxurious, more comfortable and ultimately simpler. The homes are designed with the latest in modern technology and incorporated seamlessly within the home design, is a strong coherence with traditional architectural wisdom passed down through the centuries.

The materials used in the construction of the villas are carefully chosen to increase the comfort of its inhabitants. The walls insulate the home from heat and moisture, the windows are designed to take in light but keep out heat. The fittings and fixtures are chosen for their ability to conserve energy and water. The home is planned as an intelligent space with amenities and interior spaces that will enhance the quality of your family’s life.

Each home has landscaped front and back yards, large bedrooms, bathrooms, common rooms, even walk-in wardrobes. Your home will leave you ensconced in comfort while at the same time have low energy consumption and low water wastage. 


A sample plan of a 2300 sq.ft. home


• Sustainable plantations of over 3500 trees and plants.

• Plant species mix to include mostly indigenous trees, plants and shrubs

• Solar panels with battery backup for optimal power consumption*

• Solar passive design for reduced heat ingress and reduced cooling load

• Fully renewable captive water supply • Centralised reverse osmosis plant for

purified drinking water provided in the

kitchen for drinking and cooking
• Filtered water provided in all bathrooms • Recycled and filtered greywater provided

for gardens
• Rainwater harvesting and surface runoff

• Root zone wastewater treatment for eco-

friendly sewage disposal and recycling of water


• Earthquake resistant RCC framework and autoclaved aerated concrete block masonry for superior weather insulation

• 12 feet floor to floor height

• Sand faced external plaster

• Smooth finish internal plaster with gypsum

• Customised interior design*

• Optional basement strong room* 


• Stained concrete floor in living, dining, passage, sit-outs and kitchen

• Anti-skid flooring for terraces, verandas and other wet areas

• Internal walls painted with lustre paint and external walls painted with exterior weather shield paint


• Wooden main door
• UPVC sliding windows and doors for

terraces and verandas.
• Polished stone sills for all windows.
• External polished stone frames for all

sliding windows.
• Wrought iron railings for windows and

• Premium quality luxury fittings & fixtures



• Solar panels with battery backup for optimal power consumption*

• Home automation system with inbuilt security and monitoring*

• Automated entertainment and media distribution system*

• Telephone point in all bedrooms and living rooms

• Concealed wiring in all room.

• Dish antenna connection in all bedrooms

and living rooms

• High-speed internet connectivity 


• Bathrooms with polished stone flooring and cladding including shower enclosure

• Hot & cold water provision in all bathrooms and kitchen

• Wall hung WC with concealed tanks in all bathrooms

• Modular kitchen along with countertop and sink*

• Modern air evacuation system in kitchen and all bathrooms


• Compound fence with 24x7 CCTV surveillance coverage.

• Electronic intruder sensing system.
• CCTV feed to be available to all residents.


• Maintenance-free bituminous bound macadam road with separate pedestrian pavements, and roadside plantations of long-lived native trees.

• 15 m wide main road.

• 09 m wide internal roads.

• 5m wide walking/biking trail along the


• Stormwater drainage provision.

• Underground channels for cables and

pipelines along the road. 

* Facility available as part of the optional personalisation packages 

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